May 6, 2001

----I've been out of touch for a couple of days because of some Internet connection problems which have been straightened out. On the 5th we had our Big Production, which was not well attended but was quite spectacular! Everyone who attended was quite satisfied. Earlier on the 5th I went over to a world heritage site which is literally over the fence from this hotel. It is a huge Stupa, or Buddhist shrine. It is eight-sided and surrounded by Tibetan Buddhist enclaves and shops - a little touristy maybe, but definitely has a spiritual atmosphere. On the 6th I had my visit at the Bahai National Center - a lovely building originally purchased years ago out of town but now surrounded by development. Still it retains serenity. I met a couple of the Auxiliary Board members that I had met in Haifa in January - it was a great and expected reunion - I had been pouring over "Century of Light" in the hopes of being able to share bits of it, but found that the percentage of English proficient folks was extremely low so I resorted to some music and sing-alongs. It was great to be able to visit with individuals afterward. One of the fellows had spent some time at the University of Iowa in Iowa City and had visited the Meskwaki settlement. I'll soon be transferring my homebase to the residence of the Koiralla family. Mr.Koiralla is NSA secretary and a lifelong Kathmandu resident , so I'll soon have a walking Nepalese encyclopedia to derive insights from. More later. Love, Kevin