Native American Messengers of God

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A continued essay as  Chris Buck’s interview with Lakota world citizen educator Kevin Locke, who explains why the Baha’i concept of progressive revelation applies equally to indigenous religious traditions.

Recognizing and Respecting the Sacred Lakota Traditions

f the Lakota people are to be seen as equals, as they should be, then reciprocal respect for their spiritual traditions is very important. There is no harm in doing so. Great good can come of this mutual respect and recognition, if everyone recognizes and respects these Lakota sacred traditions.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Messenger of God

Čhaŋnúŋpa waŋží yuhá ílotake čiŋ, míksuya opáǧi yo!
aéj Héčhanuŋ kiŋ,
táku yačhíŋ kiŋ,
iyéčhetu kte ló. aéj új

If you sit down with a pipe.
Remember me.
When you do that,
then the things you want will come true.

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