Another successful year at World Flute Society in Eau Claire, WI with the introduction of  Kevin’s new book ARISING.  A collective of memoirs, as told to Kim Douglas and Aleah Douglas-Khavari, is now available at Baha’i Bookstore.  Kevin’s early start of flute to hoops, his dedication to the Baha’i Faith, life on Standing Rock Reservation, world travels and of course his Mother and family.

Hosting an Indigenous North American Flute Workshop with over 40 participants, opened opportunities for flutists to experience and educate on history, culture and philosophy of early traditional flute going back generations, distinguishing itself from the modern day Native American Flute.


The World Flute Society seeks to be a distinguished organization, globally recognized in music and cultural education, artistic expression, scholarship, research, classification, documentation, historical and contemporary performance practices, and educational and cultural outreach, with the world’s indigenous and folk flute traditions as the primary focus of the society’s endeavors.